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For public health and safety, the following active recreation areas are closed:
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Pickleball court


Outdoor courts are located at Black Mountain Recreation Center, Mission Hills Park, Siena Heights Trailhead and Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. Indoor pickleball play is available 8am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday, at Downtown Recreation Center.

To reserve a pickleball court, contact our Sports office at 702-267-5717 or COHFieldReservations@cityofhenderson.com

Other courts in Henderson include The Club at Cadence, Lake Las Vegas and Sun City Anthem.

Pickleball Leagues

Teams consist of 2 male players and 2 female players who play doubles matches as men's teams, women's, and mixed.

Summer 2019 Season

Play begins June 22
Registration: May 6-June 14
Team Registration: $120 per team

Fall 2019 Season

Play begins September 28
Registration: August 5-September 20
Team Registration: $120 per team