Desert Canyon Trails Master Plan

Desert Canyon Trails Master Plan

The City of Henderson is beginning to plan for the development of the Desert Canyon Trails.  The purpose of this project is to conserve a natural mountainous area within the City of Henderson and provide public access and open space to diverse citizens and populations.

The project is anticipated to provide social interaction, outdoor recreation, and education to members of the community. The connections to nearby trail systems including Anthem East Trail, McCullough Hills Trail, and McDonald Canyons Nature Park will contribute to the increase of pedestrian connectivity throughout the City of Henderson.

The master plan has been finalized based on community feedback received at multiple meetings.

Proposed Amenities

The master plan and construction is envisioned as an open space preserve developed with passive recreational opportunities. Amenities will include natural trails, educational and interpretive signage, and overlook rest areas.


No funding at this time

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