Youth Sports

youth sports
The purpose of the City of Henderson's youth sports programs is to guide each participant – boys and girls – through an organized program and to develop the fundamentals of each sport and promote team play through teaching, training, and sportsmanship. The goal is to encourage skill development and foster a positive attitude without overly emphasizing winning every game as a primary goal.

Volunteer to Coach!

Show your community support by coaching Henderson's young athletes. If you are proficient in any sport or are willing to learn, donating three to five hours of your time each week is all that is needed. For more information, visit our coaches page or call 702-267-5717. Read more...


Upon registration, each child is placed in a zone based on their home ZIP code in order to be placed with other children in their area. Every effort will be made for practices and games to also be held in the same area. Read more...


Each child is placed in a division based on their age level in school and their gender.

Player Ratings

The purpose of player ratings is to rate the skills of each player in order to put together competitive and balanced teams. Though it is not required for players to attend ratings, it is highly recommended so that teams can be as balanced as possible. Though this is not a “perfect” system, it is a fair system and the best method available. Read more...


Teams are allowed to practice twice per week before the first game. Following the first game, teams are allowed one practice per week. Each practice is limited to 90 minutes for baseball/softball, and one hour for soccer and basketball. Days/times/locations are at the discretion of the volunteer coach. 


Each league includes seven weeks of games. Soccer and basketball leagues play one game per week on Saturdays (seven games total). Baseball/softball leagues play two games per week on weeknights. For all other baseball/softball leagues, the number of games varies by league because of the calendar and availability of game officials. 


Times and locations are always TBA and subject to change. Baseball and softball games are held on weeknights and games could start as late as 8pm and end as late as 10:30pm. We start games as early as possible (usually 5:30pm). If they started earlier, parents and officials would have trouble arriving on time. 

Facilities Used for League Play (subject to change) 

Soccer: Burkholder Park, Mission Hills Park, Paseo Verde Park, Mountain View Park, Acacia Park, and Russell Road Recreation Complex

Basketball: Valley View, Black Mountain, Downtown, Whitney Ranch, and Silver Springs recreation centers, Henderson Multigenerational Center, and area middle schools

Baseball/Softball: Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, Paseo Verde Park, Morrell Park, and River Mountain Park.

Uniforms/Game Schedules/Picture Information 

All are generally available the week prior to the first games. 


Scores and standings are kept in each division except U6 and U8. 

If teams choose to purchase their own awards, they are allowed to do so at their own risk. The City of Henderson does not condone the giving of gifts of any description or anything of monetary value before, during, or after the playing season. 


Barring any extenuating circumstances, picture day for youth sports leagues is held the second Saturday of the season. Makeup days are held the following Saturday. Photographs will be returned approximately four weeks after pictures are taken. 

Frequently Asked Questions