Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services

Program Guidelines

Inclusion Services

City Hall Annex
280 Water St.
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Sheri Cordray
Therapeutic Recreation supervisor


Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm

Participation in Our Programs – It's Your Choice

Whether in a Therapeutic Recreation program or in inclusive recreation settings with those who do not have disabilities, we'll find a way for you to get the most out of every leisure activity. We believe that involvement in leisure experiences is important to the quality of life for all individuals.

Need Help Selecting a Program?

If you need assistance in making recreation and leisure choices or exploring new and different possibilities, a leisure interest assessment may be appropriate. Our staff will identify an individual's needs, strengths and interests through a leisure interest assessment that will help in pinpointing programs that match the individual's abilities and interests.

The Inclusion Process

Some individuals with disabilities prefer to participate in the traditional recreation programs we offer. To include those with disabilities, Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Services provides support in the form of adaptive equipment, program modification, additional staff training, support staff, and other services to facilitate inclusion. Our staff will assist in determining the most effective means of inclusion support for individuals to participate in any program.

Here's How to Get Included

  • Register for the recreation program of your choice and check the box when registering that states "Supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act, does this patron require assistance?"
  • Contact the Recreation Services supervisor at least two weeks before the start date to discuss the details or features of the program.
  • The Recreation Services supervisor contacts Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services (if necessary) to discuss the type of support needed to accommodate you or your family member.
  • Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services works cooperatively with the family to determine which accommodations will best support the individual.
  • You or your family member start the program with inclusion support(s) in place.
  • Our staff members periodically observe the program to provide assistance and answer any questions.
  • Communication between Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services staff, Recreation staff and the individual and/or family is maintained continuously throughout the cooperative inclusion process.

Personal Care Assistance

We encourage individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs. However, those needing personal assistance with toileting, feeding or dressing must make personal arrangements for this assistance.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for qualified individuals and programs.

On the Go

On The Go is a community-based recreation program for adults of varying abilities wishing to meet new friends through recreation and independent living activities. It provides participants the opportunity to experience and develop a variety of lifetime leisure skills in a community-based setting and is structured to encourage the familiarization of neighborhood leisure resources, self-image, community belonging, and responsibility through recreation participation. The program follows the Clark County School District's 9-month calendar. Call 702-267-4065 to schedule an initial intake to register.
Locations: Henderson Multigenerational Center, Silver Springs Recreation Center and Valley View Recreation Center

Ages 22 & up (or have graduated from high school)

Enrollment and participation are ongoing (on hiatus during the summer)
2pm-5:30pm, Monday through Friday 
$11 per day; respite is accepted
Register online, by mail, in person or fax to 702-267-4101

Non-residents add 15%

Rec & Roll

Rec & Roll is a recreation program for young adults with disabilities. It provides opportunities for young adults to explore their recreational interests in a structured environment as well as develop the skills needed for independence. Daily activities focus on community-based recreation activities such as bowling, swimming and going to the movies. The program also provides activities that enhance life skills related to independent living, including budgeting, meal planning, personal hygiene, social interaction, and the importance of making time for leisure experiences. The program follows the Clark County School District's 9-month calendar.
Locations: Henderson Multigenerational Center & Valley View Recreation Center

Grades 9-12 (or up to 21 years of age)

Enrollment and participation are ongoing (on hiatus during the summer) 
1:30pm*-5:30pm, Monday through Friday 
$11 per day; respite is accepted
Register online, by mail, in person or fax to 702-267-4101

*For schools with different bell times, call us at 702-267-4065.

Non-residents add 15%