Therapeutic Recreation FAQs

  • What are the requirements to participate in Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services programs? 
    Participants should have a diagnosed disability and fit the age requirement for the activity.
  • Do you accept alternative funding? 
    Yes, we accept respite funding from outside agencies.
  • What alternate programming do you offer for those 13 years of age and under? 
    We support the city's Recreation division by providing training, program modifications, and support staff when necessary to ensure the highest level of participation possible. If the participant is new to our programs, please contact our office at least two weeks before your program starts in order to find out what accommodations will be needed.
  • How do I enroll for Rec & Roll/On the Go? 
    Contact the Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services office to arrange an intake interview. The participant must attend this interview. Program guidelines will be reviewed, and parent/guardians will fill out an annual information form along with other registration forms before a start date can be identified.
  • How do I enroll in weekend and evening programs? 
    A registration form and excursion waiver must be filled out and payment made before the enrollment deadline.
  • Is transportation provided?  Participants are required to meet at the assigned recreation centers for their activities. Many participants choose to use CAT ADA Paratransit Services to get to and from programs. Program staff will transport participants to any excursions offsite.



RTC ADA Paratransit