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The Henderson Municipal Court processes traffic and misdemeanor cases originating within the City of Henderson, including DUI and Domestic Battery cases. All court appearance dates are pre-scheduled and will be indicated on your release sheet if you were arrested or at the bottom of your citation.

Meet The Judges


Mark Stevens

Municipal Court Judge, Department 1

Judicial Assistant Amber Gentry
Office Telephone: (702) 267-3350
Office Fax: (702) 267-3401
E-Mail: Amber.Gentry@cityofhenderson.com

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Douglas W. Hedger

Municipal Court Judge, Department 2

Judicial Assistant Toni Barden
Office Telephone: (702) 267-3354
Office Fax: (702) 267-3402
E-Mail: Toni.Barden@cityofhenderson

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Rodney T. Burr

Rodney T. Burr

Municipal Court Chief Judge, Department 3

Judicial Assistant Jennifer Hauser
Office Telephone: (702) 267-3352
Office Fax: (702) 267-3403
E-Mail: Jennifer.Hauser@cityofhenderson.com

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Meet the Administrator


Bill Zihlmann, CCM

Municipal Court Administrator

Office Telephone: (702) 267-3333
Office Fax: (702) 267-3351
Email: Bill.Zihlmann@cityofhenderson.com

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243 Water Street, 3rd Floor
Henderson, NV 89015

Mailing Address:
Henderson Municipal Court
PO Box 95050 - MS621
Henderson, NV 89009-5050

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Days and Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday, 7:45 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday & All Federal Holidays

Phone Numbers
Clerk's Office (702) 267-3300
Marshal's Office (702) 267-3370
Fax Numbers:
Traffic Citations (702) 267-3301
Criminal Misdemeanors (702) 267-3303