Henderson Municipal Court

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Please note, fees are non-refundable.

For filing a notice of appeal and appeal bond (NRS 4.060.1(h)) $25.00
For filing an appeal bond separately from the notice of appeal (NRS 4.060.1(h)) *Fee not assessed if appeal bond is filed at the same time as the notice of appeal $25.00*
For preparation and transmittal of transcript and papers on appeal NRS 4.060.1(j) $25.00
Appeal bond/bail – determined at sentencing or time of filing  Amount varies
Special Filing Fees  
For filing a petition to seal records (NRS 4.060(1)(c))  $50.00
For filing and acting upon each bail or property bond (NRS 4.060.1(p))  $50.00
Other Fees  
For preparing any copy of any record, proceeding or paper, for each page (NRS 4.060.1(m)) $.50 ($1.00 minimum)
For each certificate of the clerk, under the seal of the court, per document (NRS 4.060.1(n)) $3.00
Audio recording of a court hearing, per CD $25.00
Collection/enforcement fee (NRS 176.064) $100.00
Time payment set-up fee $50.00
Returned item fee (NSF) $25.00

Special Programs and Services:

Contact City of Henderson - Special Programs and Services at (702) 267-1350

Small Claims and Landlord/Tenant Issues:

Contact the Constable Henderson Township at (702) 455-7978

Highway Patrol Citations:

Contact the Henderson Justice Court at (702) 455-7980

Gross Misdemeanors and Felonies:

Contact the Henderson Justice Court at (702) 455-7929

Witness Information:

To confirm that you need to appear as a witness for a trial, call (702) 267-1370 the day prior to the scheduled trial date.