Henderson Municipal Court

PRO PER Motion to Place on Calendar

  • Pro per is an abbreviation of the Latin term "in propria persona", which means by one's self. In legal terms, it refers to someone who chooses to proceed as his or her own legal counsel, despite not being a lawyer.
  • The Motion to Place on Calendar form is a formal request to the Judge to make a decision about a case.

How do I submit my Pro Per Motion?

The defendant should submit the original completed form, along with 3 copies to the Court. This form may NOT be submitted on-line or faxed. You may submit the forms during normal business hours at:

Henderson Municipal Court
243 Water Street, 3rd Floor
Henderson, NV 89015

How do I fill out the form?

Fill in all appropriate blanks, being specific as to what you are requesting from the judge. If you require assistance filling out the form, you may want to visit the Clark County Law Library.  However, they will not be able to provide legal advice.

Do I need to pay a fee to file my motion?

At this time, there is no fee to file a motion.

When will my motion be heard?

A motion hearing will be scheduled 1 week after the date of filing with the Court. This allows time for the motion to be reviewed by the City Attorney's Office and the judge.  If a case is in warrant, the warrant will remain active and you may be subject to arrest during that 1 week period.  You may avoid arrest by posting bail instead of filing a motion.

What happens if I fail to appear at my motion hearing?

The motion will be denied without being reviewed by the judge.  Please make sure you are able to attend the scheduled hearing.

Download Pro Per Motion to Place on Calendar