Henderson Municipal Court

Public Defender

The Henderson Public Defender's Office is contracted by the Henderson Municipal Court to provide legal counsel for the representation of indigent defendants. This office is separate and independent from the Henderson Municipal Court.  The attorneys performing the service of Public Defender are licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada and qualified to provide legal representation of indigent defendants, including cases on appeal as assigned by the Court.

Public Defenders are only appointed if the City is seeking a jail sentence on your charge(s) and you meet the federal guidelines for appointment of a Public Defender. If the Court appoints the Public Defender on your case, that attorney will be present at your arraignment, trial, and sentencing. If no jail time is requested, a Public Defender will not be made available to you.

Contact Information
Phone Dept 1 Dept 2 Dept 3
702-267-3342 702-267-3386 702-267-3343
Hours Monday - Thursday, by appointment only
Location 243 S Water St, 3rd Floor