Henderson Municipal Court

Traffic Safety School Information

Traffic safety school is only valid for moving violations of 4-points or less. To determine the point value of your moving violation, please visit the Nevada DMV website.

You must request traffic safety school and enter your plea of Guilty or No Contest on or before the court date listed on your citation and BEFORE you attend the class. Traffic safety school does not reduce the fine amount, but paying the fine and completing traffic safety school by the completion due date will amend the violation to a parking violation (no points are reported to DMV on parking violations).

You may request traffic safety school only once a year and there is a traffic safety school fee, which is in addition to your citation fine amount. You will be given a completion due date and a Traffic Safety School information sheet when you enter a plea. Failure to complete traffic safety school by the completion due date will result in the original violation conviction being reported to DMV. You may not request Traffic School if your driver’s license is a Commercial Driver’s License. The practice of reducing charges, altering speeds, or allowing CDL drivers to attend traffic safety school is specifically prohibited in 49 CFR Part 384.226.

You may make your request for traffic safety school on or before your court date by:

  • The secure payment option online
  • Appearing at the clerk's window at 243 Water Street, 2nd floor
  • Requesting it from the Judge on your scheduled court date

You may request traffic safety school at the same time you make your payment if your driver’s license is not a Commercial Driver’s License:

  • You may attend 1st level traffic safety school if you have not attended traffic safety school in the last 12 months.
  • You may attend 2nd level Repeat Offender's traffic safety school if you have attended traffic safety school in the last 12 months.

After you have entered your plea, please download the Traffic Safety School Information sheet for information on how to complete Traffic Safety School.