Henderson Municipal Code requires a film permit for all commercial filming utilizing any public property.

All commercial filming, including still photography and taping in the City of Henderson, requires a permit issued by the City. Exemptions/Waivers include films or photographs made:

  1. solely for private or family use;
  2. for news purposes;
  3. for charitable purposes

Additionally, still photography that does not impede/utilize public or private property (including public streets and rights-of-way) or impede access to public or private property does not require a film permit.

H.M.C. 8.10.025 Commercial filming.

A special events permit is required for all commercial filming on or utilizing in any manner public property, roadways, or right-of-way and may also be required for commercial filming on private property if the filming will include pyrotechnics, loud noises, gunshot sounds or any other event or activity which may affect the public health, safety or welfare.

(Ord. 2371 § 3, 2005)

If your filming project requires a permit, you can download the application.

For a 48-hour turn-around, the application, insurance, and business license must be submitted no later Tuesday of any given week. We cannot guarantee approval of rush applications.

*Information obtained from the Special Events and Permitting Section of the Henderson Police Department.