9-1-1/Communications Center

The Communications Center is the direct link between citizens and the City's Emergency Response Services. The dispatchers screen and handle all calls for service and provide support for all field operations. Dispatchers must be able to field hundreds of incoming calls each day, determine the best course of action, and forward that information to the appropriate resource. Not only must dispatchers be able to handle these calls for assistance, but they must also monitor multiple radio frequencies, dispatch calls to the police units, access a variety of local, state, and federal databases, assign report numbers, and track officer's activity in the field.

We hope this site will better prepare you to answer the questions a dispatcher will need to ask in an emergency situation and make you better able to receive any additional instruction as necessary.  We understand that you, as citizens, must rely on a group of nameless, faceless voices to assist you through some of the most helpless, frustrating moments of your life and we hope this brief introduction to who we are and how we operate will make that process easier for you should the need ever arise.

Our Mission

Mission and Value Statement of the City of Henderson Communications Center:

To work collaboratively with Police, Fire and Medical personnel in order to reinforce our continuing commitment to excellence and to provide quality customer service to the citizens, responders and visitors of Henderson in an expedient, professional and compassionate manner; to support the delivery of quality Police, Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical services through the application of the industry's best public safety communications standards, operational guidelines, administrative practices as well as the utilization of cutting edge technology;to facilitate the development of highly trained, proficient, dedicated and self-motivated personnel; to enhance the quality of life of every person in Henderson, Nevada by receiving and processing 9-1-1 emergency calls and non-emergency calls and be dispatching Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service units in a prompt, efficient, courteous and professional manner; to save lives, protect property and to assist the public, thus making Henderson, NV a safer and more enjoyable community in which to live, work and visit.

What is 9-1-1?

9-1-1 was established as a National number for notifications of emergencies in late January 1968, by a Congressional declaration.  It was tested in Haleyville, AL in early February of the same year and by 1972 the FCC established that 9-1-1 should be implemented nationwide to provide expedient, professional assistance to citizens in immediate need.

When do I dial 9-1-1?

You should call 9-1-1 whenever you have a life-threatening emergency including:

  • Any serious medical problem such as chest pain, bleeding or chest pain
  • Any type of fire or smoke
  • Any life-threatening situations such as assaults, people with weapons, crimes in progress or injury accidents

For all non-life threatening or non-recent activity please call 3-1-1 or (702) 267-5000 (select option 2) for assistance.

You can also contact us via mail at:

Henderson Police Department
ATTN: Communications Administrator
223 Lead St.
Henderson, NV 89015

If you have any questions or comments about the Communications Center, you can contact Miranda Ramos, Acting Communications Administrator, by e-mail at Miranda.Ramos@cityofhenderson.com.