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Support Services

Monday through Thursday 6am to 4pm

Contact Support Services
After Hours Flood-related Emergency 702-267-5000
Administration 702-267-3259
Street Maintenance 702-267-3259
Fax 702-267-3251

 provides division management, budget preparation and oversight, fleet acquisition, maintenance, and disposition, and fuel management including acquisition and distribution. 

Fleet Maintenance maintains and repairs the city fleet, which is comprised of vehicles and equipment ranging from general use automobiles, police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances to dump trucks and generators.

Street and Flood Maintenance provides maintenance, repair, and street sweeping functions for the city's improved and unimproved alleys, streets, walkways, and drainage facilities. Street sweeping occurs at least once every 30 days on all public streets. Occasionally work is diverted to cover issues such as traffic accident cleanup and storm cleanup.