Downtown Investment Strategy Update

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The City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency has been in the process of updating its Downtown Investment Strategy to provide a vision and a plan to bring new businesses and vibrancy to Water Street District and the downtown area. Elements of this plan include enhancing the physical environment, supporting the expansion of the local employment base, upgrading the current housing stock, and pursuing new development opportunities.

In an effort to gain valuable input, the Redevelopment Agency organized a Technical Committee comprised of City staff, business professionals, Water Street merchants, and local stakeholders to compile and review data. The City also initiated a series of public meetings with both residents and businesses to engage citizens about their neighborhoods and provide opportunities for the community to provide feedback on improvements. 

The Redevelopment Agency collected a large amount of resident and business owner feedback in order to reach a consensus on what the community would like to see and what is achievable in years to come.

The final Downtown Investment Strategy was accepted by the Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee in February 2012 and adopted by the Redevelopment Agency Board in March. If you would like to read a full copy of the plan, please click the link below.  Printed copies of the Downtown Investment Strategy Update are available through the Redevelopment Agency for a small printing charge.   

For questions, please contact the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency at (702) 267-1515.