Redevelopment Area Overview

Redevelopment Areas

In 1995, the City of Henderson recognized the need to revitalize and reinvest in some of its maturing neighborhoods and created the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency.  Since then, Redevelopment activities have included:

  • Creating jobs as demonstrated by Henderson's redevelopment of the old gravel mines at Tuscany where, during construction of the new master planned community, hundreds of people were employed.
  • Attracting new investment in declining areas through public/private partnerships.
  • Generating opportunities for new businesses such as the numerous art galleries, restaurants and retail outlets that have found a home in downtown Henderson’s Water Street District.
  • Helping to ensure that housing is affordable for all income levels by funding assistance programs administered by Neighborhood Services, as is the plan for Henderson’s Eastside redevelopment area.
  • Improving homeownership possibilities through low interest loans; providing homeowners with the ability to increase the value of their homes through homeowner assistance programs as in the Water Street District and Eastside, where the Agency has provided over $850,000 in housing improvement assistance, matched with over $430,000 in private investment.
  • Reducing blight in the community through façade improvements.
  • Improving infrastructures as demonstrated by the City of Henderson’s streetscape upgrades along Water Street.

Currently, the City of Henderson’s Redevelopment Agency manages five redevelopment areas: Cornerstone, Downtown, Eastside, Lakemoor Canyon, and Tuscany.