Water Street District

Water Street District Project Map 2020

The Redevelopment Agency has been working avidly to create a refined vision for the Water Street District.  The vision creates an authentic downtown core that is welcoming to everyone.  It provides community gathering space, as well as a collection of retail, professional services, family and nightlife entertainment, employment centers, educational opportunities and a place to call home. 

In the process of creating a refined vision for the Water Street District, the Agency held a design charrette with Redevelopment Agency Board and several key leaders from the community, hosted by TSK Architects. Through the visioning activities in the charrette a consensus was reached of what the Water Street District of the future will look like. The results of the charrette incorporate the three main drivers that tie individuals to a community: openness, aesthetics and social offerings.  By including these drivers in the vision for downtown, resident attachment is instilled, which helps build a strong sense of community pride.

One of the tools staff has developed to achieve the vision for Water Street District is a Downtown Master Plan. The new Master Plan document invites developers to be creative and innovative with their projects and really think outside the box to incorporate the ideal uses that are envisioned for the area.  The Master Plan also provides flexibility in zoning that isn’t available anywhere else in the valley. 

Further, alternative sources of funding such as Opportunity Zone Funding, New Markets Tax Credit, and financial incentives from the Redevelopment Agency provide the opportunity for more meaningful tax increment reimbursement incentives than available in other areas.

The Redevelopment Agency owns several pieces of property in the Water Street District. Please contact the Redevelopment Agency directly at 702-267-1515 for the most up-to-date listing of available development sites.

Water Street District Project Map 2020
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**Contact the Redevelopment Agency for the most up-to-date listing of available development sites.