Special Programs And Services

Substance Abuse Counseling

REACH Program

The REACH program is a Level I outpatient substance abuse counseling program. It is managed by licensed (LADC) Master-level alcohol and drug counselors who have been in the field of chemical dependency for many years. Many of our client’s have been Court-ordered to attend substance abuse counseling as a result of their legal involvement. The Reach program is a convenient and affordable community program they can access to learn the tools they can use to change their lives.

Course Availability

  • REACH classes are available four days a week.


  • Intake session is $50.00, payable at time of intake. Each group session is $20.00.
  • Alternative Sentencing accepts cash, credit or debit card or money order.


To register one must:

  • Show up in person at Alternative Sentencing, 243 Water Street, Lower Level to sign up with your sentencing paperwork.


To educate and support our clients to recognize that alcoholism and addiction is a primary progressive disease rather than a moral consequence, character weakness, or psychological dysfunction. We teach alcoholics and addicts to approach their disease as a treatable condition with a high potential for lasting recovery.

Course Format

  • Weekly abstinence-based group therapy sessions facilitated by State Licensed counselors.
  • The counseling philosophy is a Person-Centered approach that fosters the belief that people need to take responsibility for their own actions, problems and lives.
  • Teaching tools include group therapy sessions, lectures, discussions, homework and videos.

Course Content

  • Intake session comprised of an evaluation and the signing of paperwork related to confidentiality, client’s rights and responsibilities and the group therapy process.
  • Understanding addiction as a disease
  • Genetic predisposition to alcoholism/addiction
  • Progression of the disease and medical aspects pertaining to it
  • Strong emphasis on “Relapse Prevention”
  • Overview of Drugs to include Methamphetamine, Opiates, Sedatives and Marijuana
  • Acceptance vs. Compliance
  • Introduction to sober support groups (12-Step programs)
  • Alcohol/Drugs and the Law
  • Anger Management
  • Communication
  • Defense systems including “Denial”
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Stress Management
  • Dry vs. Sober
  • Chemicals and the Personality
  • Consequences of Addiction
  • The Recovery Process

If further information is needed, then please call Special Programs and Services at 702-267-1350