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DUI School

Nevada DMV License# : DUI000027133

In Nevada, a DUI conviction (or even possibly a Reckless Driving) will result in the requirement that the Probationer take a certified alcohol education program.


To educate those who are ordered to the program pursuant to a sentencing court. Special emphasis is placed on the effects of alcohol and other drugs as they relate to driving skills and the body.

Course Format

  • 8 hours of classroom time and 4 hours consisting of homework.
  • Highly interactive course taught by State certified DUI instructors. 
  • Teaching tools include lectures, class discussion, homework and videos.

Course Content

  • Effects of DUI. 
  • Law and attitudes pertaining to DUI. 
  • Psychological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • Impact DUI has on the Probationer’s life, family and community. 
  • Alcohol and Drugs – Signs and Symptoms of Use
  • Classes of prescription medication, signs and symptoms of use.
  • Biological and Psychological Addiction
  • BAC (blood alcohol content or concentration) levels and how this affects the body and driving ability
  • Law and Consequences of DUI
  • Alternative behaviors and attitudes towards drinking and driving.

Course Availability

  • DUI Classes are available days, evenings and weekends (See The Referral Below for specific schedule).


  • The cost of the program is $225 (subject to change).
    • Special Programs and Services Probationers: This payment is may be made after the completion of the course. Monthly payments are available, but must be paid prior to receiving a course completion certificate.
    • Non-Supervised Participants: The program fee is due at time of enrollment.
  • Special Programs and Services accepts cash, credit/debit card or money order. The program may also be paid online by visiting Special Programs and Services.CityofHenderson.com or by using www.paynearme.com


  • Pre-Registration is Not Required for Special Programs and Services Probationers. Non-Probationers must pay the enrollment fee prior to taking the class. Please see the flyer below for further details on times and locations.


The course is taught at the Special Programs and Services classroom facility located at 302 Tin Street, Henderson, NV 89015 (Across Basic Road from City Hall)

DUI School Referral

Classroom Holiday Closure

If further information is needed, then please contact your assigned staff member directly or call Special Programs and Services at 702-267-1350.


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