Save Energy, Save Money

NV Energy
Conservation programs, advice and tips to help you stay comfortable while reducing your power bill. Check out rebates for pool pumps and air conditioners too! Go »
The U.S. Department of Energy supports research, development, and deployment projects that increase energy efficiency nationwide. Go »
Learn quick and easy steps to lower your monthly gas bill. Go »
Find out how HomeFree Nevada and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR standards can help your home improvements save around 20% in energy costs. Go »
Rebates for landscape & coupons for: car washes, pool covers and smart clocks.
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Weatherization increases the comfort, health and well-being of those living in your home. The City’s Weatherization Assistance Program offers no cost improvements for families that meet minimum income requirements. Go »
Nevada Retrofit Initiative offers Home Performance with Energy Star programs to help with energy efficiency home retrofits.
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Database of state incentives for renewable and efficiency. Go »