Highlighting some of the things the City of Henderson is doing to address sustainability for our community.

We're not only saving dollars, we are also reducing emissions. Going green is business as usual for the City of Henderson. During the past decade, the City has transitioned some electric purchases to renewable, emissions-free resources, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 40%. We also reduced our overall energy needs by switching to more efficient equipment, retrofitting light fixtures and making process improvements throughout the city. #EarthDayEveryday

Henderson is proud to be recognized as Tree City USA. Trees not only contribute to the environmental and economic health of Henderson; they are also the only public assets that increase in value over time. The City maintains about 30,000 trees that bring value to our community by improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff and lowering CO2 levels. #EarthDay2020

Doing the right thing to preserve our natural resources and the environment is also helping the City to save money on heating and cooling costs. While the square footage of our facilities has doubled since 2006, we have pursued a number of energy efficiency strategies that have helped lower our natural gas consumption by 35%, reduced our total electricity and natural gas costs and lowered carbon dioxide emissions. #EarthDay

For more than a decade, new City facilities have been built to green building standards for such things as energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and renewable materials. The result is healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Henderson Fire Station 91 is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Deign (LEED) Gold Level certified building that will be used as a template for future fire stations. #GoGreenHenderson