Utility Services

Water Commitment Process

The requirement for a Water Commitment Packet within the City of Henderson has been removed. Water commitment is now part of the entitlement process, and separate water commitment forms are no longer required.

Final Map Water Commitment and Will Serve Letters

The following process is applicable to all final maps.

  1. Apply for final map through Community Development and obtain final map approval.
  2. Obtain approval of substantially complete offsite improvement plans by Public Works, post bonds, pay inspection and Southern Nevada Water Authority connection fees.
  3. Obtain other utility signatures on final map and submit mylar to Community Development for City signatures.
  4. Upon receipt of the final map from Community Development, Utility Services reviews and signs the map. A "will serve" letter is prepared and the map is forwarded on to remaining City departments for signature and subsequent return to Community Development. Please note: Community Development will notify the applicant when the map (including the will serve letter) is ready to be picked up.
  5. Building notifies Utility Services of issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Assignment of water commitment becomes final upon completion of the following:
    • Recording of Final Map
    • Completion of offsite improvements and acceptance by the City
    • Meter(s) set and service established
    • Completion of construction and issuance of a certificate of occupancy

For questions regarding water commitment, contact Utility Services at (702) 267-3670.

For questions regarding final maps, contact Community Development at (702) 267-3640.