Utility Services

Special Refunding Agreements

The material presented on this page is provided for informational purposes only.  Please call a Utility Services representative at 702-267-3670 to verify if the project is located within a benefit area, and for a calculation of fees that may be assessed as a result.

Click Here for a Downloadable Map of the Special Refunding Agreement Areas

 Special Refunding_20190903

Anthem Water System Improvements (SR-005)

Ascaya (formerly Crystal Ridge) Water Improvements (SR-006)

Horizon Ridge / Gibson 2500 & 2370 Zone (SR-011)

Lewis Homes - 2610 Pressure Zone (SR-002)

MacDonald Ranch - 2370 Pressure Zone (SR-004)

P8A and Transmission Main (SR-010)

St. Rose Sewer West (SR-013)