Utility Services

Waste Discharge Permits

How do I know if I need to apply for a Waste Discharge Authorization Permit?

If your business uses 25,000 gallons or more of water per day to produce a product OR your business engages in the production of any product that may result in the discharge of the following pollutants/contaminants, you are required to apply for a Waste Discharge Authorization Permit:

  • Pollutants which create a fire or explosion hazard in the sanitary sewer system, such as waste streams with a closed cup flashpoint of less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit (F) or 60 degrees Celsius (C)
  • Pollutants which will cause corrosive structural damage to the sanitary sewer system with a pH lower than 5.0
  • Solid or viscous pollutants in amounts which will cause obstruction to the flow in the sanitary sewer system resulting in interference (such as fats, oils, grease)
  • Any pollutant, including oxygen demanding pollutants discharged at a flow rate and/or pollutant concentration which will cause interference with the sanitary sewer system
  • High temperature discharges exceeding 104 °F/40 °C which inhibit biological activity in the sanitary sewer system
  • Petroleum oil, non-biodegradable cutting oil, or products of mineral oil origin in amounts that will cause interference or pass through
  • Pollutants which result in the presence of toxic gases, vapors, or fumes within the sanitary sewer system
  • Any trucked or hauled pollutants

To apply for a Waste Discharge Authorization Permit, you must complete a Waste Discharge Authorization Application. A completed application form must be received by the Department of Utility Services at 3 months before beginning operation. Application forms must be submitted with the original signature.